It would be ‘criminal’ to miss out on these shirtless Thomas Gibson photos 10-5-11

October 5, 2011

As a straight laced G-man hunting down the most vile and evil serial killers in the world, Thomas Gibson looks damn fine in a suit every week on CBS’ hit Criminal Minds.  But as these shirtless pictures show, he looks even better out of that suit and his fans will no doubt rejoice over that discovery.

Thomas has always been good at playing it straight.  Right from when he broke through on the soap opera Another World he’s been very capable of looking very handsome and delivering lines with grim authority.  It also served him well on the medical drama Chicago Hope and then being the straight guy (and we mean that as in straight laced and not as any kind of intimation about his sexuality) led to the biggest role of his career.  He is busting the worst of the worst weekly on Criminal Minds but for many he will be known as the straight laced ying to Jenna Elfman’s offbeat hippie yang on the romantic comedy series Dharma and Greg.

Thomas Gibson was quite the hunk on that show, which ran for several years before he found even bigger ratings success on Criminal Minds.  And it showed he could use his chiseled good looks and straight laced ways for comedic effect.  He also put that to good use in the weird comedy Psycho Beach Party, which we only mention because that’s where we got these great shirtless pictures of him today.  Thanks to the people getting Thomas down to nothing but a swimsuit, his fans today get to enjoy the hot pictures of his bare chest as he surfs the waves.

These pictures have it all.  He’s dressed and undressed and his fans can choose which ones they like best to enjoy. Plus there’s even more in our archives for everyone to see.  And perhaps this will help him loosen up just a little bit more.  After all these are some seriously sexy Thomas Gibson shirtless pictures and who knows what it will make his eager fans willing to do with him next.