Forget the ‘Walking Dead’ the Andrew Lincoln naked photos we have today are the Walking Hot! 1-24-12

January 24, 2012

It’s very hard to keep it together once the world has completely gone to shit but if were somehow able to survive a global apocalypse that has left most of the world has flesh eating zombies eager and willing to rip everyone else to shreds as a snack, we would feel awesome about having Andrew Lincoln around with us.  As the steady hand and heart at the center of AMC’s monster hit The Walking Dead, Andrew is becoming a big star and today we have the sexy full frontal pictures that show off his very naked past.

Yes, everyone who has ever watched an episode of the walking dead and thought “Wow, I really need to see a picture of Andrew Lincoln’s cock” then you have absolutely come to the right place.  We’ve got him in the flesh, literally, thanks to some nude scenes that show every sexy inch of him for your viewing pleasure.  And if you’re some of those people who love ass shots more than dick shots, we’ve got that too.  Andrew Lincoln ass is here and ready to be gawked at.  The only thing we can’t do is let you get in the shower with him (though we would if we could).

So we’ve got the sexy pictures here today and we cover all the bases, as we love to do at Male All Stars.  It’s not just naked pictures.  We’ve got more wholesome pictures like Andrew greeting his fans at ComicCon and showing off what a tender man of action he can be on The Walking Dead.   He’ll do anything to protect his family and also keep some sense of law and order going in a world gone completely insane.

New episodes of The Walking Dead are just weeks away from premiering and we know people can’t wait.  But checking out these Andrew Lincoln naked pictures is a great way to keep those fires burning as the time passes.  Hell you’d have to be a zombie yourself to not respond to these.